Sunday, January 8, 2012


let's see... happenings lately...

* jaren gave his notice and this will be his last week as a truck driver (hopefully forever?)

* i have 2 job interviews set up for our first week in utah. fingers crossed!

* we started packing after christmas that now all we have left are the basics. so it should be a smooth process loading up the truck.

* we're packing up the truck on friday the 20th, and pulling out on the 21st and staying in st. george with our besties. then continuing on to tooele on the 21st.

* at night i get emotional with the thought of moving away from my family. i've never been more then 3 hours away from any of them. but then i get really excited at the new changes we're making. i look forward to the slower pace of life in utah. i look forward to jaren going back to school. i look forward to hanging out with my mother-in-law more often. lol. as for our friends... don't even get me started! they have been our life the past 2 years. we've created such great memories! it's going to be hard to fill that void ;) lol

* we went carpet shopping for our room today. that was fun. of course what we like, and what we can afford are 2 different things. lol

* nathan has been evaluating to see if he qualifies for headstart when he turns 3. the psychologist called me to ask me some questions and to let me know how he did with her. she had a set of flashcards with pictures on them and she would ask him what it was to see if he knew. well, when she showed him a picture of scissors, he said, "hurt". she said although that was an incorrect answer, she was shocked to hear that he knew that they would hurt. so i told her how i sew a lot and my scissors are always out and when he gets a hold of them i tell him they're owies and put them back. lol. but then she showed him a picture of a chair, and he said, "SIT DOWN!!!". she said he said it in the most sternest of voices that she had to chuckle. so i guess i need to lower my voice when i discipline him, lol. we'll find out on the 20th if he qualifies for a headstart program.


Bret&Amberly said...

I didn't know you were going to Toole, I have a friend there that I think you would love.