Wednesday, January 18, 2012

we've been getting together with friends a lot more lately knowing we're moving soon. last friday night we went out with our "peeps" as adults only. no kiddos! we ended up at golden corral and holy moley it was amazing! other then being with great company (wink), the food was pretty darn good! and the chocolate fountain is pretty amazing too! oh and the cotton candy! and the service was great. i like when buffets seat you. there's nothing more annoying to me then trying to find a seat (ahem in-n-out). after that we headed to the movies, bought our tickets, and ended up not seeing anything. theater was too packed to get us all sitting with each other. so we returned them. did you know you could do that? so then we went to starbucks for hot chocolate and just talked our little hearts out. jaren and i had to call it an early night, it was a long day of packing for us.

then on sunday, we got together WITH our kiddos. mark made a delicious tri-tip, willow brought her amazing cesar salad and we brought marie callendars pies. i'm sure going to miss them :(

our last week in california continues to be a busy one. we have pictures to take, job interview via phone call, school meeting (that delivered not so good news), last playgroup, early bday party for nathan, haircuts, farewell party girls night out, nathan's IEP and lastly, MOVING!

here's hoping we don't collapse by the end of the week!