Friday, January 27, 2012

Early Start Graduation Day

Nathan was enrolled in early start, which is like head start, but for children under the age of 3. being that tomorrow is his 3rd birthday, he no longer qualifies for that program. so his teacher had a special graduation ceremony for him advancing out.

he even got to walk across the stage.

on the back of his certificate is a picture of a pizza. they always sang this song in class. and it was the first one he learned by heart.
then with it also being almost his birthday, they had a special treat, marshmallows with frosting on it.

each of his teachers also sent him home with a birthday present! he got a 4x4 truck hot wheel, a microphone (when he started school, he would only talk into a microphone), and a cute little dump truck.
i'm definitely going to miss his teachers! we've enrolled him into a school here in tooele, and i just don't feel like it's up to par like the richardson center in bakersfield.