Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i now work for a company called loomis. it's an armored truck company. i'm in cash management services. basically i verify deposit. i hate it! lol. the pay is horrible and the hours are lousy. but for now, it's getting us by. i've been applying everyday for different things. so hopefully something new will open up for us.

jaren has been the stay at the home dad. he likes it, but is definitely taking some getting use to. i'm sure he's looking forward to starting school in the summer ;)

nathan is going to school and loves it! he loves riding the bus too! he was going 2 days/week. but after our meeting with his teacher, speech therapist and the principal this morning, he's been bumped up to 4 days/week. (they don't work on fridays, must be nice right!) last december and january he had a lot of evaluations (i have 39 pages of notes) at his then school by the school nurse, his teacher, speech therapist and psychologist (twice to make sure her findings were consistent). he had NUMEROUS test ran on him (CARS, childhood autism rating scale, GARS, gilliam autism rating scale, goldman fristoe test of articulation, berry buktenica developmental test of visual motor integration, developmental profile, differential abilitiy scales and vineland adaptive behaviors scales, just to name a few. i also had multiple hour plus long phone calls as well as face to face meetings with them regarding what he's like at home. then when we moved to utah, they tested him as well. initially i suspected just a speech delay, which is apparent, he only talks at a 19 month level. but his testing scores rate him as mildly autistic with adhd. which actually doesn't surprise me because i've known somethings been different with him since he turned 2. but to have an actual diagnoses is comforting. it's nice to know i wasn't just being a paranoid mother ;)

time to go cry now. it's hard to take in.


Rachel Keyser said...

Glad you're able to get help/support for Nathan!

You should check out Kurt's cousin's blogs: & Pretty certain that James has a more severe type of autism, but maybe it will give you some info?