Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my last post was nathan's first day of school?!?! geesh! it's not that i've forgotten to blog, i'm just too tired after work to blog!

so here we go...

my mother-in-law is a pretty amazing cook. everything's from scratch and is just so yummy! the other night we had homemade chicken noodle. even the noodles were from scratch!
every weekend we try to go do something. we tried to go to the aquarium but they were just too packed. so we ended up at the zoo. he loves it there!
getting use to sweeping the car off  has been hard. and time consuming. we're late everywhere we go! lol.

valentine pictures...

valentine's was pretty low key for us. it was during the middle of the week, which means i had to work. we didn't have our traditional heart shaped pepperoni pizza because we had pizza the prior weekend. jaren did make me chocolate dipped strawberries though. i LOVE them!
 my mother-in-law made us sugar cookies. 
 oh and i got a new sewing machine! it's singers 160th anniversary machine. although i've already sent it back. it came with a lot of bells and whistles and some new fancy attachments i've never seen. but not the important ones like needle up/down, the fastest speed was pretty slow, and i like to sew fast. so overall, it just wasn't worth it.
 i made one of those posters for jaren where you use candy in replace of a word. it read, "happy valentine's day BIG HUNK. i just wanted to TAKE 5 minutes to tell you that you make me feel like 100 GRAND. i sure SKORED with you. i have MOUNDS of fun being such NERDS with you. you are such a SWEET HEART. i couldn't find a better man if i searched the MILKY WAY. my heart leaps for (ALMOND) JOY when i see you. you are so NUTRAGEOUSLY sexy. i love you to (REESES) PIECES. being with is you like PAYDAY everyday. hope i made you SNICKER. i love you BABY (RUTH).