Saturday, February 9, 2008

Alone on a Saturday

So what do you do? You sew! Here's my newest project. Baby booties! I was so excited to finish the first one and couldn't wait to post a picture before I start with the other one. They're SSSEEEWWWW (pun intended) easy!!! Took me about 30 min. And there's so many different variations I could use! I saw someone who used a sheep skin lining and they looked like little baby uggs! Now if only Bugsy would stay still so I could try them on!
More sewing projects to follow... I'm SUPER bored today!


Rachel Keyser said...

Cute! When I have another baby, I should just buy a bunch of cute fabric, buy you a plane ticket and have you use my sewing machine to sew me all softs of cute stuff. You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

hey i'm down with that. so get working on it!