Friday, February 8, 2008


I need to buy stamps. Which ones should I get?

Here's an update from the place I was interested in earlier this week... The realtor told us she would call us by the end of the day to let us know if we got it or not. Did she call? Of course not! Wednesday I sent emails and left messages and still no response! Finally Thursday I send her another email saying, "is this normal procedure for your company to collect $40 and not be able to return a phone call or email?" Keep in mind, on Tuesday, she was responding to my emails within 5 min. of me emailing her. Well she finally responds to my email and says, " im waiting to here back from the owner, no need to get smart." :O I WAS SHOCKED! so I sent her another one back saying, "a simple email like this 2 days ago when you told my husband you would contact us would have saved a lot of time and stress." So I was pretty positive they weren't going to offer us the place since I "got attitude." But sure enough later that evening she told me they had approved our application and under these terms.... THEY WANTED $4000 DOWN! WHAT?!?!?! She originally told me $1800 and our first month free! It's AMAZING what people will change when they find out you have a dog! If my dog was really a terror, would he still be living with us at my parents house? OF COURSE NOT! So I let her know we won't be able to accept that offer, thanks for her little time she provided me. But then, she sends me a "2nd offer." OK, since when did renting a place turn into "lets make a deal?" Anyways, her 2nd offer still wasn't acceptable. So I decided to send back a "counteroffer." LOL. So now I'm just waiting to hear back. We'll see!

Jaren went last weekend to look at some townhome on Fairfax for only $700/month!!! He said it was just ok, nothing that fancy at all, you get your $700 worth. So I didn't even think twice about it. But then that guy starts emailing me pretty eager for it to be rented. So I've also been going back and forth with him all week. And it's so hard when he lives in San Francisco, Jarens in one place, and I'm in another. We've spent quite some time faxing to and from Kinkos, that's for sure! And he said he'll have his answer by the the beginning of next week.

The larger apartment complex we were planning on moving into is still our main resort for now. I haven't told them otherwise. So lets see what these 2 people decide to do with us! Moving in 3 weeks, with no home yet, isn't it lovely!


Rachel Keyser said...

I like the super hero stamps...good luck on the house hunting!

Rachel Keyser said...

Aunt Nancy is here...she wants to know where the 1st apt is and if the one on Fairfax is by the church on Panorama?

Jenn said...

Ah, there's the story. How weird. People are so cranky. And bizarre about the haggling. I guess it must be privately owned ,then? What weirdos.