Tuesday, February 5, 2008

BUSY Monday!

thank heavens monday is over!! i come to you this beautiful tuesday morning eating my honey nut cheerios and drinking my caramel cream hot chocolate and listening to hannah montana. i know what you're thinking! "how can you eat cold cereal w/ hot chocolate!" ;) LOL, anyways.... my dad bought a new computer monitor last night and oh man its huge and wide! wider than the keyboard! you can tell they're going blind at there age!

so yesterday was a very hectic day for me! and this is pathetic what i consider hectic.... i was on the phone with the IRS for about 30 minutes! but 29 1/2 of those minutes was spent on hold. finally hung up with them and crystal called to let me know donte and lawrence were both in the hospital with pneumonia. then i have dad beeping in asking to go clean the waterfall. finally finished with those 2 and i get an email from the cash vault manager asking to call her asap. so i did and had to leave a message for her. then jarens calling in just to chit chat. then i start looking on craigslist and come across a new place im interested in living in. so i started emailing that person and shes responding faster than i can spit questions out. and if we're really interested, she needs $40 by 5pm for the credit check. how was i to do that? i couldnt get a hold of andrea and i wasnt sure if jaren would be off by then. normally mondays are his longest days with at least 5 hours overtime! then my cell phone goes off and its the recruiter offering me the position in the cash vault. then the manager of the cash vault starts calling on the home phone, non stop, wouldnt leave a message, it was weird! then the doorbell rings and bugsy flips out and sprinkles on the newly steam cleaned white carpet. it was the cleaning lady, who of course was following me around with a vacuum! did i mention all of this was before 9am!

*sighs* then i took a nap


Jenn said...

ROFL!!! Woooooooooooow....

Rachel Keyser said...

I did nothing this morning...now I am going to take a nap.