Wednesday, February 20, 2008

totally pointless blog

I love how it's Wednesday and only feels like Tuesday!

Back in the day, oh, about 8 years ago, I went through a phase of really being into classical/contemporary music. Like Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Il Divo (my fav) etc. Well, Andrea Bocelli's album back then had this duet on it called Nel Cuore Lei. To this day, I thought he was singing with Lionel Richie. His voice is very recognizable and i 've definitly listened to my fare share of Lionel songs. He's my parents fav!!

Lionel Richie

You know when you don't hear a song for a while, then you do, and you like it again? So that's what i'm going through with this song. So I decided to see if there was a music video for it. I know, i'm a complete dork! Turns out, IT'S TOTALLY NOT LIONEL RICHIE!! But now that i've seen who it is, I REALLY like the song A LOT more! The guy is definitly a silver fox!

Eros 3

His name is Eros Ramazzotti and he's a popular singer in Italy. So go ahead and listen to the song, its on my playlist. And think of Lionel when you hear it and tell me if it sounds like him so I know i'm not crazy! But obviously I am for posting a blog on this ridiculous topic!