Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My belated Valentine weekend

Boo for the rain today! :(

Jaren brought me dinner at work Friday night. Some delicious hawaiian barbecue i've been dying to try and man they didn't let me down! It was so good!

Woke up Saturday morning, 7AM (UGH!), and started our mile long list of things to do. I have NEVER taken Jaren to 12 stores in 1 day and had him NOT COMPLAIN!! I did have to take him out to eat for 2 meals plus dessert, but it was all worth it! Farmerboys (similar to Dennys but drive thru) for breakfast, Char-o-Chicken (similar to El Pollo Loco) for lunch and Coldstone for an afternoon treat. :) He was a good boy. I did stray from the list when I decided we needed new sheets. I will never forget the first time he was in my bed that had 800 thread count and he almost died! He had no clue the difference in thread counts, it was so cute. So when it came time to buy another set, I bought 1200, and now he's in heaven everytime he jumps in bed. I still have to work on him not using his 15 year old cheetah blanket from his youth that is in complete shambles,!!! And the batting, wait... what batting? LOL! Thankfully nearby I have a Linen-n-Things and a Bed, Bath & Beyond pretty much next door to each other. So we spent about 1 hr. in each store just feeling sheets and I have a new favorite! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND GETTING ORGANIC BAMBOO SHEETS!! They are SOOO much softer than my 1200 thread count!! But wouldn't you guess they didn't come in king size. Only cal-king! So I had to settle with another set. But to make up for my sorrow (hehe) I got a new comforter set! :) We did have this set...


but it's really not pet friendly for the 3rd party that sleeps with us. So I got this set instead...


But check this... this is an 8pc set for only $60!! We got 1 bedskirt, 1 comforter, 2 decorative pillows, 2 standard shams, and 2 euro shams! I know it looks funny in the picture but that's because it's reversible. It's a very sturdy jacquard fabric that i'm hoping will last. And Linen-n-Things had buy 1 pillow, get 1 free sale! So of course we got 6 new pillows :) I love new pillows! As I was walking to check out, there was a quilt set blocking my aisle.


When I picked it up I notice it was markdown to $14.99! So I also bought that for our guestroom/office/piano room. And I'm hoping to have Jaren make one of those white picket fence headboards to go with it.

Handmade Picket Fence Headboard - Twin

Since eventually it will be a nursery i'm trying to think ahead of coordinating furniture and colors so it will be easy to transfer over. ;)

And i'm really glad I got a new guestroom stuff because our first guests will be staying 2 nights with us the weekend after we move-in! Jaren's friend from his mission and his wife are coming to California finally! The live in St. George and we've been to their place many times. So i'm ecstatic they're coming to ours this time! She's a teacher and he's a meat cutter and in school. So this is there springbreak vacation. After visiting with us, they're heading to Orange County to do Disneyland, Anaheim Ducks hockey game, and Wicked the theater show. Which i'm EXTREMLY jealous about! There stay with us will include the usual Morro Bay and Solvang experience. Then 2 weeks after that, my parents are coming to stay with us! So I better unpack as soon as I can.

I did reserve our uhaul today. :) Jaren's boss was going to allow him to use the company truck and trailer. But between that and my dad's truck and his trailer, I still think we have more stuff than that! So we've opted for an actually moving truck.

Jaren made it safely back to Bakersfield Sunday night. Yesterday my mom and I were both off. She had a gift certificate from last May that she hand't used yet. But that's because the store was far away! So we finally made the trek and got her some cute new work outfits. She got a little emotional realizing it was probably the last time for a while we would get a girls day out. They only make it to Bakersfield about twice a year, if that! She was really scared about Jaren and I moving in because there were many years when her and I DID NOT get along, AT ALL! She was afraid we would still butt heads. But throughout the year of living together we've become so much closer and grew a lot in our friendship. This move is going to be very hard! :(

Also I saw my first ever real life prostitute at Starbucks! It was so nasty! But my vanilla bean frappucino was delish!


Rachel Keyser said...

We're 2 1/2 hours from my mom...its not a bad drive. We still get together for most major holidays and other random visits.

Jenn said...

LOL about the Cheetah blanket... did you know that my parents ordered 2 sets of that bedding from FINGERHUT back in 1983 (YES, 1983!!!) and they used them on their bed (had a spare for wash day, to alternate) for about 10 years, before they got new bedding. By then, John was in a queen sized bed, so it got passed to him, except they were king sized sets, so he just used the blanket. And then eventually, on down to Jaren and so on. :P I would never touch the darn things with a 10-foot pole, myself. ;)