Sunday, April 27, 2008

830am-10pm running errands!

we sure were busy yesterday! i was up at 630am getting all of the lists ready for a day of running a gazillion errands. we left the house at 830am, started off with a trip to walmart. jaren drinks soda like constantly. he said if we got a brita pitcher for our water, he wouldn't drink so much. so of course that was the first thing on the list. we'll see if he meant what he said ; )

then we went to best buy. jaren wanted to buy a gps unit for his work truck. well the one he really wanted was $700 there! i thought we had saw it online somewhere else for a lot less, so our quest to find a cheaper one continued.

then we headed to michaels (for me, of course.) i found this EXTREMELY LARGE hot chocolate mug. it was ginormous, probably 62 oz. i just had to get it for andrea who drinks that much coffee everyday!

earlier this week andrea came over and made fun of our day to day menu on our refrigerator. she said we need to spice up our routine and not be so organized, LOL. so she gave us an olive garden gift card to break out from our routine. so we just had to use it yesterday. and i ventured away from what i always get. normally its a sprite, manicotti w/ salad. but yesterday, i got a cherry cream italian soda, pasta fagioli, and their new dish, 5 cheese stuff rigatoni w/ shrimp. IT WAS SOOOOO DELISH!!! has anyone noticed that they raised there prices? jarens tour of italy use to be $14.75 and its now $16.75! WOW!

then we were off to party city for supplies for the upcoming baby shower im hosting. and lucky me again, there was a dollar tree in the same shopping center :) i couldn't turn it down!

then we went to circuit city to see another gps unit. i made jaren circle the parking lot 3 times so i could take a picture of this funny truck.

it belongs to coconut joe's which is a beach grill type restaurant. i think its just hysterical! well circuit city still didnt have the price we were looking for on his gps, so back in the car we went!
its already getting pretty warm here and jarens fragile "hair" is beginning to get burned in the sun. saying this as nicely as possible, he has a large head, LOL. i can NEVER find hats for him. we went to one of those t-shirt outlets because they normally carry flex-fit hats which fit him just fine. but they didn't carry them. *sighs*

so we thought we'd head to andrea's to give her the mug. along the way we found another t-shirt outlet, and same thing, they didn't carry them. she loved the mug though! and jaren enjoyed playing with fred's new nintendo ds. do they ever grow out of the video game stage? i guess the night before they had a little get together and andrea took out her quillow. i now have orders like crazy!

after andrea's we thought we'd head home to check on the dog. it had been 6 hrs since we left! i got online and found that had the gps unit but it was $50 less than what the in store price was. so i called them and they said they'd give it to us for that price.

so BACK to circuit city we went. and he FINALLY was satisfied with the unit and the price and got it. $250 less than best buy, what a deal! we were playing around with it last night and found that you can change what you want the person to sound like. british male or female, australian male or female, portugese, cantonese, mandarin, spanish, many many more! it was sooo cool! it even has a english to whatever language dictionary. im kinda jealous now! ; ) the reason he wanted this particular unit is because you can set it up for automobile or semi-truck. and in semi-truck mode, it wont send you down any roads truck cant be on. and it adjust the time accordingly.

then we went to the mall because we were still on a mission for a hat for big head, hehe. no such luck! but we did spend $32 AT A CANDY STORE! IM STILL BAFFLED ABOUT THAT!!

then back to home we were going. but again, had to stop at the dollar tree for some items i couldnt find at the other one.

when jaren got home, he was playing around with his gps and was giving bugsy sun chips and watermelon licorice. our friend mike had called and invited us over for a bbq. so i started making a pasta salad to take. then bugsy decided his stomach was feeling to good and threw up all over the place! we cleaned it up and headed to mikes. but the watermelon licorice made such a stain.

so after a delicious bbq at mikes, we went BACK to walmart for carpet cleaner. then did our weekly grocery shopping at winco. we love winco! AND FINALLY ARRIVING BACK HOME AROUND 10PM! *GEESH!*

when we took bugsy out for the last time of the evening the little white dog (yes, he's STILL around) came to taunt bugsy. jaren tried to chase him off and stepped in a huge hole and down he went. he now has a sprained ankle that he cant put any weight on. it may not be a big deal to many, but when your job is driving a truck with lots of clutching, its panicky. so i'm making him spend the day on the couch with his foot above his heart and dousing with icy hot.

is anyone still reading this? THANKS! other than that, we're having mike over for dinner tonight. its kind of tradition now every sunday. for dessert we're making a chocolate cake w/ chocolate, coconut, pecan frosting. mmmmmm!!!!!


Rachel Keyser said...

Yes I read the entire blog and they never grow out of the video game stage.