Friday, April 18, 2008


i pulled through mcdonalds this morning for some breakfast. which i never do but i was up early doing some errands and got hungry. so i got home and expected to see a muffin, sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and a hashbrown. did i see that? NOOO!!! first let me say, i dont eat ALL that food. i give the eggs, bacon and sausage to bugsy. so what did i see instead? a BISCUIT (which i HATE), eggs (which i HATE), and sausage. so it was bugsys lucky morning! i called them to let them know they messed up my order. she told me the lady inputted my order incorrectly. DUH! YOU THINK? so i said back, "so i just paid $7 for a sausage biscuit thats normally 99 cents, thanks!) and i hung up. obviously im still not feeling like myself lately!

on a happy note, im making andrew a new silkie blankie today. this is my first attempt, we'll see how i do!


Rachel Keyser said...

Wish I was there! I love sausage biscuits! But I do hate when they mess up. I went through Jack in the Box the other day...and they didn't give me Logan's grilled cheese sandwich!