Thursday, April 17, 2008

sick of being sick!

last week i had a horrible cough that made me lose my voice for 3 days. then it went away and i felt just fine. then yesterday i start feeling icky again! plugged ears, watery itchy eyes, stuffed nose, then draining nose, coughing, achy body, JUST NOT FUN!! so after staying home from work for 2 days the only thing i've managed to do is a necktie onsie.


i've seen these on but who wants to pay close to $20?? so i got a onsie from the dollar tree, a fat quarter of striped fabric from joann's for 99 cents and the heat n bond was around $3, but i got a whole yard which is enough to make 30+ of these!! then i just did a simple zig zag stitch around the edges to "seal" on the iron-on and easy cheesy, all done! i've heard of people using old ties for this too. but jarens ties were either REALLY ugly or he REALLY liked it and i was not allowed to cut it up!

my dad was in town yesterday on a business trip. he ended up buying us dinner and stayed the night at our place :) i love my dad! and bugsy was THRILLED to see him! he tried to sleep in bed with him, but papa wasn't feeling that up to it!

my parents are suppose to visiting this weekend. they may possibly bring andrew (marks son) who is just a hoot to play with and watch him french kiss the dog! LOL.


Rachel Keyser said...

I have a project for you!

My friend's SIL started making something similar to these for friends (gifts) and then started selling them.

The Smith Family said...

Ok when I have my baby boy I want one of those along with the diaper doll. :)