Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My mom quit her job!! YESSS SHE DID!! she literally walked into her branch with a note that said I QUIT!! 15 yrs. down the tubes! She's going to enjoy being a stay at home grammy though! She seems totally fine with it too, very calm and relaxed and happy about it!

Also Rachel (SIL) "forgot" her appt. yesterday. So we still have no idea what's going on inside her. We just know she's due in a less than 8 wks.


Jenn said...

Has your SIL received medical care AT ALL? :o

LOL about your mom! Hope it works out well for her!

Rachel Keyser said...

I'm way excited for her! I just wish there wasn't stress at home for her to deal with! Keep me updated on the baby situation. Do they know if it's a boy or girl?