Wednesday, April 30, 2008

same ol same ol

My dad's co-workers surprised him with a special luncheon on Monday for his 25th anniversary with the company. He was totally shocked. My mom and Mark were able to attend. I wish I was closer because I hear his reaction was priceless!

Here's my latest rag quilt. It's made for one of my co-workers who's also a member. I wanted to make a small blanket that she could use at church.

I used my favorite flower stitch around the edge.

Now here's a question... EVERYTIME I make a baby blanket I always go back and forth with the size. I always think of a big one for the crib is nice, but a small one to take along is also nice. So my question is... what size baby blanket do YOU prefer?


Rachel Keyser said...

I tend to like the bigger blankets. The one I used the most was a flannel receiving blanket...actually it was this exact one.

I wouldn't have spent $24, but what can I say? I have friends who only shop at Nordstrom.