Saturday, April 5, 2008


Woke up @630am! Had this new breakfast fav of ours called, "Bagelfuls." It's a stuffed bagel pretty much that you toast. They make it in chive flavor, strawberries and cream, original, and cinnamon. We're hooked on the chive!

Then we watched the movie, "The Gameplan" w/ The Rock as a football player who finds out he has a daughter etc. It's exactly how you think the movie would go and it is still a very cute movie!

My sister called wanting a babysitter for my niece while she took my nephews to go see, "Nims Island." We of course said yes, and they enjoyed there movie.

When my niece got here, we were really excited to get to play with her! But apparently it was nap time! :( We hardly saw her, LOL.

So I thought i'd finish some over due craft projects that have been lingering around in my head. Remember Jarens Valentine's blanket? FINALLY finished it! haha. Finished the diaper cake and made a quick dress for my sleeping niece. Made some more coffee filter roses and started working on a blanket for a lady at work requested. *sighs* I'll post pictures after the blankets are done washing. I'm needing to finish all these projects before I take on anything else! I'm getting in trouble with Jaren for trying to multi-task WAY to much! And taking over the 2nd bedroom with crafts galore ;) I still have 3 more "average" quilts to make for people, then one EXTRAORDINARY quilt for a family member. Probably not one that will read my blog, but just in case, I don't want to risk it! That quilt by far will be my greatest accomplishment! (craft wise)