Monday, May 12, 2008

a day w/ Emmy Grace

i went to andrea's today to drop a birthday gift off and as i was getting ready to leave, little missy decided she was gonna go to!
so since i had a choice of being home with bugsy bored all day, or having emily to entertain me, i chose to take her for a few hours. we went to the grocery store where she wanted to tell everyone hi and wave at them. then we ate lunch at taco bell where everything was "peas and dank ooo". then we went back to my house to watch dora and spongebob. we played outside a bit and i got these pictures of her in her adorable dress and fancy shoes that she would NOT let me near to take off.

to all the stay at home mommys i know (which is pretty much all but 1), what do you do in the daytime to keep yourself from getting bored? im having a hard time with this! but then i start looking around my craft room and realizing i have plenty of stuff i need to start working on that i have no time for a job right now, LOL. you can never have your cake and eat it too!


Rachel Keyser said...

I actually quit my job like 6 months BEFORE I got I had 15 months to myself before live as a mom began. I loved it! My house was generally always clean, I cooked dinner, and scrapbooked a ton. (Kurt's sister came to visit a lot too!) Then Kurt's work talked me into working part-time for them, but it was only 10 hours a week it was perfect!

Rachel Keyser said...

btw in that second picture she totally looks like someone...Is it your mom?

Jenn said...

I never had much time to MYSELF. I mean, when we first got married, there was about ONE month where I wasn't working, but I used it to set up our apartment, decorate, etc.

By the time that month was up, I had a job, and then morning sickness set in (I got pg about 2 weeks after the wedding). I could hardly function for a long time.

Then when I finally could, I (foolishly) took a 2nd job.

By the time I was a full-time SAHM again, I had 3 kids (none of them in school yet!), and they kept me PLENTY busy, LOL!