Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, almost!

We've had a great Saturday! Earlier this week I asked Andrea to bring her 3 kids over this morning so Jaren and I could play with them for the day. Of course I really had a plan to have them make some Mother's Day gifts for their mom. Fred (husband) has been out of town for 2 weeks in Oregon and wouldn't be flying in until tonight. So I wanted to make sure she was covered for tomorrow. ;)

Brydon painted her a jewelry box and filled it with caramel hershey kisses and hugs. I asked him if he was sure his mom liked the caramel ones. He said, "Oh yes! She always gets the caramel espresso with 2 shots when we go to Starbucks, so im sure she does!" LOL. Kids make me laugh! Also something else kind of random... as we were walking up to the checkout he saw a magazine cover and blurted out, "Hey look, it's Paula Dean, i love her!" For those who don't know who she is, she is a boisterous cook who has her own tv show on the food network and has a strong southern accent. She's just a crack up! LOL.

Emily got Andrea a Mary Engelbreit journal. Andrea's the only one I know of that has a Mary Engelbreit obsession almost as much as mine! The little frog was also from Brydon. He felt like sharing with her that we paid $4 for it! Yet again, LOL!
Emily made the foam pink crown all by herself with glittered sticker flowers. We also made a homemade card with her handprint on the front. Inside read, this is my hand, my hand will do, a thousand loving things for you, you will remember when I am tall, that once my hand was just this small. Then she colored it with Jaren's scripture crayons. I can't believe MMMEEE of all people didn't have a pack of crayons lying around!Jacob didn't want to make anything with us today because he had a bag FULL of crafts his teacher had them do at school. Not sure where this gift idea came from, but it was 2 pieces of kleenex wrapped in a piece of paper that said, "For all your many emotions." hmm...?
Brydon also made her 2 suncatchers.
And we decorated a cake for Andrea :) Who also had major dental work yesterday for 4 hrs. So a cake that she could drench in milk was what she was looking forward too!Emily's crying because her mommy told her no more m & m's. They don't get chocolate that often, so when they do, OH MAN!
Brydon and Andrea and his homemade card with racecars on it.

So you may be asking how I took these pictures since I don't have a camera? Well I do now!! :) I'll just be straight up here, Mother's Day has been a REALLY hard day for me for the past 2 years. And ESPECIALLY this year since if all went as planned last October, I'd be 2 weeks from actual motherhood. I really do try not to think about October, but it's very hard for me. Anyways, Jaren does the best he can and always makes sure to remember me every Mother's Day. Our first year together he got a beautiful pink diamond ring from Kay Jewelers, which I love. This year, him and Bugsy (that's what the card said) got me a Nikon Coolpix L18, 8 megapixel. He was stressing about it because he bought it a few weeks ago but had to wait for the red ones to ship in today. He knew I wouldn't dare want the navy blue one. I was a little shocked I got something so grand since again he saved up his "allowance" without me noticing anything. He's probably been making peanut butter and jelly for his lunches for the past few months to take to work instead of eating out. LOL. He's just and amazingly wonderful thoughtful loving husband a girl could ask for!

3 inch screen is wonderful for my horrible eyes.

Another cool thing is when I put the memory card directly into my printer, it shows all the pictures on the 2 1/2 inch screen, adjusts the color and lighting, then lets me print directly from the printer without the computer even being on. I love technology these days!

Just some play around shots of Emily when she woke up from her nap.

So I wish all the mother's I know (special shout out to my own mother and my totally awesome mother in-law) a wonderful day and enjoy all the blessings in your lives. And send me baby dust so next year won't be so bad for me. THANKS!