Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

i guess i'll start making one early this year! who saw the TURBOCHEF OVEN on the martha stewart show yesterday? OH MY GOSH! here's what the website says about it...

Cooks with 5 Star Results, 15x Faster
Imagine cooking anything - from fresh asparagus in 45 seconds, a frozen pizza in 90 seconds, to a rack of lamb in 4 minutes, or a Thanksgiving turkey in 42 minutes - with five-star quality results and in a fraction of the time. Meats come out caramelized, moist and tender. Baked goods are golden brown, flaky and perfect. Vegetables are crisp, flavorful and nutritious.


Whole Roasted Turkey
12 lb. in 42 minutes

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
12" pizza in 6.5 minutes

Apple Cranberry Pie
9" pie in 16 minutes

20 biscuits in 1 1/2 minutes
price... around $8000!

this oven would change my life! LOL. i wonder if they finance? LOL jk
and you dont have to get it in orange. they make, red, blue, silver, green etc...


Rachel Keyser said...

So Martha is on during my naptime...but I did watch yesterday! That oven did look awesome!

Jenn said...

LOL! I doubt they'd let you install a new oven in your place? But that does sound pretty cool!