Sunday, August 24, 2008

back again :)

so of course my last blog had mentioned i was feeling fine and dandy with the whole morning sickness issue. apparently i spoke too soon and started feeling icky again. im such a wuss! i have EVERY pregnancy sympton in the book. but jaren takes REALLY good care of me 24/7, so im fine with that ;) and he knows its for a good cause :)

also our computer is a piece of junk and decides when it wants to turn on and off without telling us. getting to the simplist of websites is a quite a challenge with some weird spyware. it always tells us the site isnt safe and wont allow us to continue. so thats another reason why i havent blogged lately. im able to check my email and myspace from my cellphone. but its not the easiest to write people back on. i guess 49 viruses would do that right? LOL. yup, its THAT bad!! our version of windows isnt genuine either so we cant download any updates. i know i know! a new computer is on my christmas wishlist. but i think our budget for that is now called baby NATHAN! our friend mike actually gave us his old computer which im using right now. but his isn't really that much better than our crappy one!

in other news, WE'RE HAVING A BOY! YIPPEE! we were thrilled to find that out on 8/8/08. he was being quite a pain about showing himself, LOL. took about 35 min for my dr. to really determine the "turtle shell" she called it. i have another ultrasound scheduled for this friday. so im hoping i get pretty good pictures to show off.

i also just got back from morro bay this past friday. my parents had invited us camping for the week. unfortunatly jaren had to work, so it was just bugsy and i that went during the week. the pictures are on the other computer and i'll see what i can do about posting the highlights of the trip. our camping reservations were from sunday-thursday. but we were so happy to get out of town that we stayed in a hotel saturday night with my parents and my brother matt and his family. we went for a traditional fish and chips dinner, fed the seals at the aquarium and walked the embarcadero shops. then on sunday we walked out on the rock, watched the waves crash, saw some seals and fed the birds etc. we checked into our campsite around noon and jaren and matt set up camp while everyone else got settled in. then jaren had to leave back for bakersfield so he could work that week. he was DEFINITLY missed! while camping we did the usual. campfire dinners, dutch oven, hobo dinners, smores, drove up north towards cambria and san simeon, drove down south towards pismo and shopped more. sleeping on an air mattress 19 wks pregnant was quite an experience also! i didnt get sick at all that week. :) THANKFULLY! but i did have to walk to the restroom a lot during the night, LOL. we also were having so much fun we decided to extend our camping 1 more night until friday. if we could have made it longer, im sure we would have! it was nice getting out of the heat for a week! morro bay has the best weather! i dont think it even tipped 65 degrees the whole week. and when the marine layer rolled in, it was just awesome! we use to go camping at morro bay a lot when i was a kid. according to my parents, the park has changed A LOT. they use to be huge camping sites surrounded with trees to seperate the different sites and not as many as they have now. we found out from a park ranger that some tree disease had swept through the park and was killing a lot of the eucalpytus. so the park has been closed for 1 year whille they cut the trees down, planted new ones and re-aligned camping sites, basically a park facelift. we did make friends with the camp "host" who informed us the showers were free and not 25 cents for 2 minutes like posted. that made our showers feel even better! it had been about 16 years since our last camping trip. so my parents went and bought all new updated camping equiment. my mom wanted to be prepared and not sure how many people would be able to join us. so she bought a HUGE 16x10 ft tent with an 8 ft. high center! it seemed bigger than the hotel room we stayed in, LOL. it was wonderful! we all enjoyed our vacation A LOT and are already planning our next camping trip in october in san clemente and again in december out on the pismo dunes with andrea and her family. i can't wait to tell baby nathan that his mimi took me camping at 4 1/2 months, 6 1/2 months and 8 1/2 months pregnant!


Jenn said...

Sorry you're feeling icky. Pregnancy is just such a "magical" time. ;)

LOL - do you know I gave very serious consideration to naming OUR eldest Nathan? :0)

Rachel Keyser said...

Yeah for little boys! Hope you start feeling better! Also do all the camping you can now...trying to get a little one to sleep in the tent-not so fun.