Saturday, August 30, 2008


in no order whatsoever. sorry :(

bugsys pawprints along the beach

view of rock first thing in the morning

matt and family in front of rock

wild turkeys on the golf course

bugsy walking mimi

i always knew she was an angel!

the girls by the campfire

bugsy checking out the dear on our way to the beach

we followed a signed that said coastal access north of pismo and this is where it took us. it's called shell beach. it was beautiful!

sunburnt me next to the fire

longhorn cows at the beach!

bugsy chillin while we set up camp

1/2 of our campsite

more of the campsite
we saw tons of jellyfish that week
climbing on the rocks
lots of seals on the dock
donkeys at the beach!
racoon got into our gazebo tent and ate an avocado and dog food
more of shell beach
pelicans on the rocks
bugsys first trip to the "beach"

i always knew he was angel too ;)
heart shaped tree branch above my head at the campsite
morro rock

shell beach again
kiki and the pelican that almost ate her! i think she tried to sit on it and next thing we knew she was running and screaming and its mouth was WIDE open!

other half of campsite
the bugs and i in front of rock dutch oven hashbrowns and toast. one of the MANY delicious meals we ate that weak

the gopher that made so many holes we thought it was going to cave in our campsite
more of bugsy on the beach
feeding the seals


Jenn said...

Jaren was TERRIFIED of those seals when he was little. You know how they "bark" at you really loud? He'd just SCREAM...