Friday, September 19, 2008

back at my parents house and other random pictures

cookie i found at a cake supply store and of course got it for jaren

bugsy wanting to know what this bald headed baby is doing in my lap instead of him

bugsy babysitting
to lazy to rotate, sorry, but thank heavens for snuglis!
my mom has had this blow dryer for around 10 years and i think its hysterical that its now back in fashion with the new 90210 show, LOL.
teapot cake i made for my sisters birthday. i'll blog later in detail on the "surprise" party

im back visiting my parents for a week again. i figure this will be the last of my trips for a while now. drs appts are becoming more frequent and my car sickness is getting pretty painful even to the grocery store! the plan for the week is to make a cherry lattice pie, chocolate sugar cookies, bread, and basic sewing repairs (buttons, hems, blankets that are falling apart etc.)