Wednesday, September 10, 2008

fun times!

andrew decided to take multi colored crayons and decorate the cushions and legs on my parents new table. not just 1 chair. all 6! LOL. so my chore for the week is to re-upholster them.

we went looking at 2 different fabric stores and my mom found nothing she really liked. until this "autumn" fabric caught her attention. she loved the tree branches and leaves. when she came to the cutting table i started laughing at her selection! LOL. she picked hunting camoflauge!!!! she didn't believe me either when i told her! so she still bought it due to the dark colors and heavy duty canvas in case he decides to play picasso again. of course my brother and my dad both backed up my camo theory but she doesn't care. it's not like she's going to be in dining room digest magazine anytime soon. then we went to home depot to buy me an electric staple gun which i love ;) anyways, 1 chair down, 5 more to go. it has also been a hoot to see bugsy and andrew playing together. here bugsy is waiting for andrew to drop some food. LOL.
my next chore after finishing the chairs is to chop 6 inches off of everything and put felt on the bottom so it doesn't scratch the hardwood floors.


Jenn said...

For some reason, I thought you were saying they were YOUR chairs, and I kept looking at the pics, going, "Wait...that's her MOM'S house... I know it is... I recognize the flooring and that big rug..." LOL! I finally figured it out. Derrrr....