Thursday, December 18, 2008

better day!

jaren finally was able to hit the road at 1130am today. he was worried about checking out of the hotel at noon and having the grapevine NOT open today and then not be able to get another hotel room for the night. but all is well and he's finally back home and bugsy missed him TERRIBLY!!

as for me, i did manage to sleep last night even though bugsy woke up a few times and just wandered the house whining. its like he knew something had changed. dogs are weird. i also had an appt for my 1 hr. pre-natal massage and oh my goodness it was AWESOME!! nathan was kicking up a storm during it, so i couldn't relax completly but it still felt amazing! then i "treated" (ya right) myself to the nightmare of walmart 1 wk before christmas so i could finish up some final christmas touches. jaren made it home from work safely and wanted to go out for dinner. a few weeks ago at his company christmas party, they gave us a gift card to tahoe joe's steak house. WOW! it was delish! unfortunatly we will NEVER pay $27 for a steak and more than likely will never go back there again. LOL. but the memories will be great!

did anyone hear about the shark that "commited suicide?" kinda funny and kinda not. it happened at the atlantis resort in the bahamas. a shark jumped 18 inches out of its habitat and landed on the nearby waterslide which she then slid down into the pool. unfortunatly the pool was chlorinated and she didn't make it too long :( CRAZY THOUGH!


Rachel Keyser said...

Tahoe Joes is Noah & Anissa's favorite restaurant. I've only been there once...but it was yummy.

Glad Jaren made it home safely!