Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas ideas

in a creative funk and not sure what to do? here's some christmas crafts i've done throughout the years and thought i'd share...

of course there's the popular rudolph brownies.

this is santas underwear that i stuffed with candy and a note saying, "i searched for a stocking, and couldn't find a spare, so i ended up stuffing santas red underwear." this isn't the exact one i made, very similar though. i sewed the entire thing up except the backflap and that's where the candy came from. i made these 10 yrs ago (oh my gosh, its been THAT long!) as a handout at church for my friends :)

one year in young womens i got a handout and have made it again throughout the years. it's the poem of the christmas nail.

It's Christmas time at our house and we're putting up the tree.

I wish I could find some simple way to remember Christ's gift to me.

Some little sign or symbol to show friends stopping by,

The little babe was born one day but He really came to die.

Some symbol of His nail-pierced hands, the blood He shed for you and me.

What if I hung a simple nail on my shining Christmas tree?

A crimson bow tied round the nail as His blood flowed down so free,

to save each person from their sin and redeem us for eternity.
I know it was His love for us that held Him to the tree,

But when I see this simple nail I know He died for me.
by John Patton

i simply went to home depot and bought a box of nails. then got gold string and used that as the hanger for the ornament. then tied a red ribbon around the nail. its probably one of the main ornaments we always look for every year as we unpack the christmas boxes.

one year while we were living in huntington beach, my mom asked me to make starfish ornaments for family members that live in new york. again, these aren't the EXACT ones i made, but very similar.

i made a santa one with golfclubs and a golfbag. and another santa wearing boardshorts with a football. i wonder why i don't have pictures of them? hmm..

and this year i'm making the cinnamon applesauce ornaments that are drying right now. once i have them decorated i'll post pictures. i wish i would have done it earlier this month so i could mail them to people. but i guess i'll have my gift for next year :) i'm also making my favorite peanut butter ball recipe and the rudolph brownies for jarens co-workers. hence the reindeer poop silly gift. cause they're all a bunch of sickos like that! lol.


Jenn said...

Yum... Rudolph. I was just thinking, as I saw some Christmas lights on the way to my ward party, of the year you brought some of those over, and we went out to see the lights. :)

I've never seen the undies or star fish things, but they're totally cute!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Those starfish are adorable!

Rebecca D. said...

Those Santa Underwear are too fun!!!Thanks for linking!