Tuesday, December 23, 2008

can i re-do monday?

my sister andrea is out camping on the pismo dunes for 2 weeks. so i've been in charge of watching over her house, dog, fish, and mail. saturday jaren and i went together to check on everything. all was well. sunday jaren didn't want to go. but i dragged him anyways using the, "what if something happens to me" line. again all was well. then of course on monday, my first day going alone, i pull up to find that her house had been broken into!! AHH!!! her screen door (which i KNOW i locked) was open and so was one of her front windows and the planter box was knocked over. of course i start freaking out not knowing if someone was currently inside the house. so as i was calling her to let her know what had happened, i see a sheriff driving up the street. i flagged him down and he was actully responding to her house. her alarm company had notified them when her alarm was going off and no one was responding. so apparently the burglar had been in the house a mere 20 MINUTES EARLIER! as the sheriff was walking through the house with his taser gun drawn he was telling me that an hour before he got the call for andreas house, an elderly lady around the corner had come home to find a burglar in her house! so this guy was casing the area obviously and they had a great description of him. well it didnt seem like anything was missing from andreas. including her flat screen tv which was a shock. and thankfully she had taken all the christmas gifts with her to the beach. which she debated about doing for a few days. so she made the right decision. no word on if they found the guy or not. still weird he broke into the house through the window, didn't take anything, and left through the front door. odd! oh, and of course it was POURING rain during all of this to add to the craziness!!


Rachel Keyser said...

That sucks! Hope you are feeling well. D-day is getting closer!

The Smith Family said...

That's scary, but glad that all was well. I hope you are feeling better. Hang in there your little man is almost here.

Jenn said...

Wow, how crazy and scary! Glad all well essentially well, though!