Sunday, December 21, 2008

last weekend before christmas! yay!

i can't believe i went to walmart yesterday! i ordered a gift for jaren but the shipping was more than the item was. weird huh?! so i had it shipped to the store for free. i didn't think it would take almost 4 weeks to get here. anyways our walmart looked like a bomb went off and was probably at full capacity! and the item was awkwardly packaged in an odd shape which made it hard for me to carry. and i forgot to grab a cart as i entered the store. so here i am, big ol' pregnant lady waddling through walmart with this huge oddly shaped box, having issues of course, and getting cut off left and right! the nerve of some people, GEESH!

and here are my finished ornaments
(minus the ribbon, made almost 50 of them)
our friend mike came over tonight to pick up his plate of goodies and thought they were cookies. plus my house has had an OVERWHELMING smell of cinnamon for a few days now. im pretty sure he would have snuck one in if we didn't warn him. ewww... can you imagine how bad these would taste? YUCK!