Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy December

As we were putting up our tree this year Bugsy noticed that the ornaments looked just like his rubber toy ball! So he patiently waited right next to them for the ok to get one and eat it up.

of course we gave in ;)

we also received a package this weekend from my mother in law that included this beautiful handmade blanket from jarens aunt marilyn. its adorable and im counting down the days until we get to use it!
also included in the package was our handcrafted crib bedding set from nathans wonderful grandma gilbert :) its AMAZING! included was a bed skirt, bumper pads, and an adorable quilt! we're also impatiently counting down the days until we can fill that bed with our baby ;)

also an update on my nephew aaron... he had his cleft lip surgery last monday, the 8th.
here is his last picture before surgery.

here he is 1 day post-op wearing his arm braces that restrict him from touching his lip and messing with the stitches.
and here he is 1 week later looking happy as usual and on his way to recovery.

a big thank you to everyone who has sent us christmas cards! they all look GREAT! our plans this christmas include us staying at home, sleeping, and probably setting up the nursery. so as we're looking right now, 1 week we'll celebrate christmas. the next will be new years. then our baby shower. then my due date! and hopefully he won't make an early arrival between now and then :)


Rachel Keyser said...

You scored really cute stuff! And Aaron looks great!