Wednesday, March 11, 2009

it's thursday

not to much to report on our end. the other night i left nathan at home with jaren for the first time while i went to the fabric store. when i came home they were both asleep in bed :) so that was nice. yesterday i dropped nathan off at andrea's for a few hours while i did some shopping. of course she has plenty of experience so all went well with that. last night i tried putting him to bed in his pack n play next to our bed for the first time. he lasted 40 minutes, lol. and this morning he was wide awake at 515am and has yet to fall back asleep (its 940am). so i'm exhausted!

while i was pregnant i had NO DESIRE to sew or do any crafts. now that i have no time, of course all these projects are sitting in the back of my mind now. the easiest of projects are taking me days to complete, lol. my latest obsession are the travel size diaper and wipes bag and also covering the wipe container.

and this craft serves no purpose whatsoever. its just an accordion envelope.
but i thought if someone could really fancy it up with scrapbooking supplies and then put love notes in each slot or love coupons or whatever would be cuter. i was just bored, LOL.

and here's nathan's first trip in the carrier going for a nightime walk with dad and bugsy :)

so here's my list of upcoming projects. maybe if i write them down, i'll be more inspired to get my act in gear and do them?

tshirt sleeve baby hat (done)

tutu (done)

pillowcase dress (done)

childs apron

pie in a jar

fancy rubber gloves (done)

cupcake fizzle bath

homemade marshmellows

snuglet (done)

glass etching

matching ties (fathers day gift, shhh)

wooden blocks

crayon roll

rag quilts

peepee teepees (done)

silky (done)

burpcloths (done)

GEESH i better get a move on!