Saturday, March 14, 2009

kicked my butt into gear, LOL

my last 2 days have looked like this

transferred an iron-on onto a onesie for a friends baby

made 2 baby hats out of t-shirt sleeves

(my model was not very cooperative)

made a tutu for my niece

made peepee teepees, lol

(i don't use these. i had some leftover scratch fabric and

figured as a joke i'd add these to my friends baby gift, lol)

made some burp cloths
and a silky
and ordered this fabric which arrived today in the mail :)
also going to make this into nathan's silky
today bugsy decided to catch a butterfly and bring it in the house to eat, yuck
and i found this cute tote at the DOLLAR STORE! i love that place!


Jenn said...

Cute bag! And did you get that from I came across their site the other day and thought it was so cute! I'm really excited about it, though I haven't ordered any yet (besides financial issues, I can't decide what I'd make out of it!)