Monday, May 18, 2009


* we made chocolate eclairs this weekend. no picture because they were gobbled up too fast. they were DELISH!

* nathan is continuing to improve with his rolling skills and has now discovered he can grab his toes. unfortunatly his belly is quite chubby and he can't get those toes in his mouth like he wants to. ROFL.

* my sister is taking nathan and i with her on there summer vacation in 2 weeks. we're going to DISNEYLAND (YAY!) for 2 days, the beach, having a family picnic in huntington beach and possibly checking out the aquarium of the pacific in long beach.

*jaren and i will be volunteering at the ronald mcdonald house that is opening up here. we think it's a GREAT place!!

*and i think i found out how the swine flu started!