Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Gilbert Family 2010!

2009 was a tough one for us. the other night we were talking and decided that the new year would be a great time to change up our routine and strengthen our family, our marriage and our overall lives. here are our goals for 2010:

1. go to church, all 3 hrs, EVERY sunday, no matter what!
- which today we were succesful at. even though our times got mixed up and we were 1 1/2 hrs. early. but we stayed and just walked the hallways.

2. family home evening, no matter what!
- i found a great blog called a year of family home evening that gives you lessons for the whole year. so we'll be following that, unless another topic needs to be taught

3. volunteer together
- we signed-up for disneylands give-a-day get-a-day promotion and already have our volunteer date scheduled in February. we chose an organization called project linus which provides new handmade blankets to children in local hospitals and shelters. our requirement is to make ONE each. there's no way that's gonna happen! our goal is 4 each the month of february. but we're taking it one step farther and will try to donate one each month the whole year, as well as the 4 in february.

4. plant a garden
- hoping this one will happen. we haven't looked into it yet. we have a great backyard and would like to take advantage of it.

5. celebrate every holiday to the fullest of our ability. this may sound silly, but not to us.
- this includes new years, valentines, st pattys, easter, mothers/fathers day, birthdays, 4th of july, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas

6. cut back on soda
- we drink WAY too much!

7. take nathan on more walks
- what child doesn't want to do that right?!?!

8. blog more
- it has become a great journal to look back at old entries and remember what we did that month.

wish us luck. and if you see us slacking, kick our rear into gear!