Monday, January 4, 2010

random pictures

our new years day dinner was kinda... toasty
his foot got stuck in a dozer and he was not happy one bit!

he LOVES brooms!
and his fish
and falling asleep in his highchair
martha stewart paired up with dove chocolates. so instead of getting a nice "promise" fortune inside, i got a holiday tip from martha stewart. lame.
and it read, "send thank-yous within 2 weeks of receiving a gift". that was definitly something i didn't want to read a few days after christmas when all i wanted was a delicious piece of chocolate, lol.
made myself a fabric keychain...
SANDALS are now popping up in stores. really? already? so i grabbed a few pairs before they ran out. came home and cut up some scrap fabric in strips of 1x6 inches and tied them around the strap. voila! cute sandals!
softest baby blanket ever! minkee on one side, satin on the other. oh it's heaven!


Lisa said...

A friend of ours made us one of those satin baby blankets when Koby was born- it was absolutely handsome and we ALWAYS used it because of how soft it was! :) If I could sew, I would love to make my new niece one, but I don't think her mom would use it if it looked sewn by an amature, lol!

Kathryn said...

oh my blanket definitly looks like it was sewn by an amateur! satin is a pain to sew! but i agree, totally soft! i want one in my size ;)

The Smith Family said...

Love Nathan! He is a character.