Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010!

we're having our traditional valentine dinner tonight. a heart shaped pepperoni pizza from papa murphys.
our wards adult valentine party was last night. it was bbq and dancing. my sister andrea said she was going to watch nathan, but i just wasn't feeling good. i'd been sneezing all day long and so was nathan. so we ended up not going :( i was totally bummed! we have never gone out without nathan and were really looking forward to it. and we've never danced together either, so i was really bummed all night. but to cheer me up, jaren ordered olive garden and used a giftcard he got at christmas. i strayed from my normal meal and this time ordered the mixed grill. OMGOODNESS it was soooo good! i'm looking foward to the leftovers at lunch time :)
this morning for breakfast jaren made "red" scrambled eggs, biscuits and bacon.

yesterday we receieved this delicious bouquet of chocolate dipped strawberries from jarens sister. thanks :)

and tonight i can't wait to cut into this beauty. jaren made me (from scratch) a chocolate marble cheesecake. YUM!
here is nathan opening his gift from mom and dad. we got him the book "how do i love you" and a tony stewart racecar.
i got a beautiful box of chocolates, a hilariously funny card, the new celtic woman cd, and a ruffler foot for my sewing machine :) i am one happy lady!!! and i do have a great husband! he went through great lengths to get my cd that wasn't in any local stores.
and now for my gift to jaren, from nathan and i...
i fused fabric to a piece of paper and made 13 envelopes. saw the idea at strawberry patches. he opened 1 envelope every hour.
as he opened each envelope, there was a piece of paper with a cute saying. instead of writing what the "gift" was, there was a number. and each number coordinated with a wrapped gift.

here we go...

all the items in red were the wrapped gifts.

7am- To our BIG HUNK of a daddy, many RIESINS why we’re glad to have you...
(i searched and searched for a big hunk bar, couldn't find one! so instead i got a chunky bar and crossed out the "C", lol.)

8am- your kisses make us SNICKER

9am- you’re a MARVELOUS MAN (M&M's)

10am- we’re a RED HOT family and look HOT (tamale) together. (since we leave for church around this time, i bought him a new red tie to wear today)

11am- we’re glad we’re your BUTTERCUPS

12pm- you mean more to us than 100GRAND

1pm- you SKOR an A+ in daddy-hood. You’re quite the CATCH (swedish fish)

2pm- you’re not an AIRHEAD or a HOE (literally a garden hoe) and we totally DIG (a new shovel) you

3pm- we always have WHOPPERS of fun together even when we’re being NERDS

4pm- you spoil us on PAYDAY and can SUCKER you into anything. You ROCK (poprocks) SUGARDADDY

5pm- we SODA (pepsi, his fav) love having you as our daddy (i chose soda for this time since we would be eating dinner around this time and he'd have his favorite drink for dinner)

6pm- roses are red, violets are blue, this CORNY valentine was made just for you (bought a big plastic tub that said popcorn, a box of fiddle faddle popCORN and bugles which are CORNchips and the movie "cloudy with a chance of meatballs". i chose this gift around this time hoping it would be our "family time" to wind down the day)

7pm- we love you BERRY much (chocolate dipped strawberries. since my SIL gave us tons, i just taped the #22 tag onto her vase, lol)

8pm- Well, it’s oFISHal (goldfish crackers), you’ll always be our little TEDDYBEAR (gummibears). We CHEWS (charleston chews) you. HUGS and KISSES . MOUNDS of Love, your SUGARBABIES

instead of a girly box of chocolates for him, i wanted something more manly. so i covered it in ductape! LOL.

hope you are all having a great valentine's day too! XOXO


Lisa said...

WOW! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! That's how Vday is SUPPOSED to be celebrated! Lol. Such a fun couple- what a sweet hubbs to do that for you. I love the duct tape idea. Lol! Good job and I'm glad you had a wonderful "Love" day! :)