Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Gift Idea for a MAN

definitly not original, but i'm out of ideas! what do you think...

i'll be purchasing everything in red but not sure how i'm going to present it yet.

my dearest BIG HUNK jaren,

20 RIESINS why i love you...

20. i dig you (a new shovel)
19. you're not a hoe (a hoe, i know, totally inappropriate right?)
18. i can SUCKER you into anything
17. you're a RED HOT lover ;)
16. you are SODA special to me
15. we can be NERDS together
14. you're my SUGARDADDY and have blessed me with a wonderful SUGARBABY
13. you spoil me on your PAYDAY
12. you ROCK (pop rocks)
11. we have WHOPPERS of fun together
10. you're a real catch (swedish fish)
9. you're not an AIRHEAD
8. i just love you BERRY much (chocolate dipped strawberries)
7. you SKOR an A+ in daddy-hood
6. you always show me MOUNDS of love
5. you mean more to me than 100GRAND
4. you're my LIFESAVER
3. you're one big HOT TAMALE
2. you're a MARVELOUS MAN (m&m's)
1. your kisses make me SNICKER

well it's o-FISH-al (goldfish crackers) you'll always be my little TEDDYBEAR (teddy grahams). i CHEWS (dewars chews, a local favorite candy) you. you're my #1 SWEETHEART.




Ericka said...

Haha I love this and may just be copying your idea for my sweetie! Happy V-day and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

Maurice&Tash said...

I like it! And think that the YOU"RE NOT A HOE, is not inappropriate. Its true. I did something similar for Maurice last year, its the gift that keeps on giving.