Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project Linus

i volunteered for 4 hrs last night at the monthly Project Linus blanket night. i sewed labels onto each of the blankets.

(picture found on flickr, but that's what the labels look like)

the night was VERY busy! project linus has joined in on Disneys Give a Day/Get a Day promotion. all a person has to do is donate 1 handmade blanket (other restrictions do apply), and they get a free ticket to disneyland! with that being said, we collected a little more than 1000 blankets last night alone!!! and this has been going on since january 1st! we have a huge 5 hr "make a blanket day" event this saturday and she's estimating almost double last nights blankets!! on a happy note, these blankets are being distributed to local children and veterans hospitals as well as shelters as fast as they're coming in. the chapter coordinator for bakersfield also just took over the fresno chapter. so she's covering a large area where many blankets are needed! she also has been sending blankets over to haiti. it was a non-stop night!

i'm scared to think what saturday has in store for me, LOL. but i know this is for the greater good, obviously, so i won't complain. last year they struggled collecting blankets and i'm glad this year has been more plentiful :)


Heather_mom_of_3 said...

wow thats a lot of blankets! glad to hear its going better then last year! Lexi got a cute red/green/white knit blanket while in the hosptail this past week. you gals are just awesome! *big hugs to you*

Lisa said...

That's awesome! Just imagining all those kids (especially the ones in Haiti) warming up snuggled in blankets YOU'VE made- that's totally good for the soul. :)

PS- have you replaced your sewing machine foot thing? My YW Pres is excited and loves the Dr. Seuss hats idea... I'll keep in touch. ;)

A Sign of the Times said...

I use this method when making fleece blankets for hospitals. It's great! I'm glad to see that Project Linus is doing so well. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to blog you OK?

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That is so nice of you and I love the name of the "project.' Good luck! Thanks for linking up this idea at for Whatever Goes Wednesday

Anonymous said...

I love the project Linus! My daughter went into the hospital last year and the nurses brought her a blanket. What a surprise! It brought a smile to her face and in those situtations that's all you want. Thank you Project Linus!