Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July breakfast

we had a GREAT 4th of july! it started with our church breakfast on the 3rd. huge turnout with great food :) i was "in charge" of decorating. although it didn't turn out how i envisioned due to being gone for a whole week and coming back less than 24 hours before the event. but here's what i did...

these are soup cans that i painted and mod podged vintage 4th of july pictures onto. then filled them with crinkle paper, sparkle cupcake topped picks, white flowers and pinwheels.

for the 4th, we went with a group of friends from church up to tehachapi (45 min away) to watch there "professional" firework show. you could set up blankets and chairs on the high school football field to watch the show that was across the street. they had food vendors (popcorn, funnel cakes and shaved ice) and different live music entertainment. it wasn't as packed as i thought and we had a "BLAST" ;) one of our friends parents live in tehachapi, so we went there first to bbq our food, then walked over to the field and pigged out! after the show, we went to the nearby church parking lot to light off our own fireworks. turns out, they're not legal there ;) so we drove back down to bakersfield to a park and had our own show until 1130pm. nathan loved the big show, hated our little show and jaren spent it with him in the car.

looking forward to next year!


Jenn said...

LOL... did you guys get "busted" in Tehachapi?

Kathryn said...

thankfully no! our friends brother is a fire marshall up there and gave us a heads up before we got too involved with our show.