Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Milk and Cookies Baby Shower

i threw a baby shower last week with a friend from church for another friend from church. it was a milk and cookies theme.

i made diaper banners and hung them throughout my house.

we played FUN games! of course the traditional, "how many are in the bottle". we also played, "name that tune". where the title of the song had the word baby in it and they got 1 point each for guessing the song and the artist. and lastly, "name that celebrity baby name", where you matched up the WACKY baby names to their famous parents.

i contacted (thanks to the wonderful facebook) the sister-in-law of the new mom and asked her to email me pictures of the new baby and printed them out, framed them and used them as part of the decor.
we had around 20 dozen cookies to munch on! as the shower favor, we bought white lunch sacks, printed out a sticker label that matched the theme and each lady got to take home however many cookies they wanted :)

our beverage area with of course, my fav, the diaper baby.

i made personalized water bottle labels. i loved this! added a friendly touch to it.

she got quite the loot of diapers and wipes!

oh these darn martha stewart tissue paper pom poms! i've been trying the last 2+ years to "master" making these and mine turn out HORRIBLY! thankfully, my shower thrower partner made awesome ones!

overall, great turnout, great food, great gifts, couldn't ask for more than that!

p.s. AFTER the shower i went and saw twilight eclipse and didn't get home til 130am. i'm too old to hang with the big girls! lol. but btw, i LOVED the movie and it made me even a bigger fan!


haleyleann said...

Such cute ideas! I love the diaper banners. Thanks for sharing!