Friday, July 30, 2010

Boboli/ host!

i wish i remember what blog introduced me to, but i don't remember :( and i wish i did so i could tell them thank you for sharing!!

what is
A House Party™ is thousands of parties across the country, hosted by people like you. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends. As a registered member of House Party you have the opportunity to host a House Party for your friends and family while checking out some kind of new product. If you're selected as a host for a particular House Party, you can use our website to invite your friends and family over for your House Party, share your pictures and videos, and explore thousands of parties being held in homes across the country. Each host for any event receives a Party Package that contains items to help enhance the party for you and your guests – and YES, the Party Package is completely FREE!

so when i went to sign myself up, i immediately "applied" to be a host of the Boboli Beat BBQ Boredom house party. to be honest, i forgot all about it until 6 weeks later i got an email that i was in the running to be a host!! woot woot! they chose a certain amount of people and the first 2000 people that responded and filled out the info, got picked! and again, being honest here, i'm attached to my email! i get alerts on my phone :/ that's sad, i know. but anyways, after freaking out over a crashed website for about 30 minutes, i was finally able to submit my info and got an email a few minutes later that i was chosen!

so what happens next is my party supplies are sent to me and i start my planning. this party is sponsored by Boboli Pizza Crust and they want all the pizzas to be grilled on the bbq. they send coupons to purchase the crust, suggested recipes (not mandatory) and other "goodies" for my guest. kind of like a mini swag bag :) and i got my box today!

here's the enclosed letter...

picture frame magnets for my guest
recipe cards to send home with my guest
my coupons as well as coupons to send home with the guest
flyer with grilling tips
food tent (made me laugh because i had to invite 14 people, and there is no way this would cover all the pizzas)
and lastly, the reusable shopping bags. which i'm obsessed with collecting from nearly every store i go to!
i need to get going on the planning aspects of this! it's only 2 weeks away! i'm lucky enough to have a friend wendy (and her husband mark) who have an amazing house for parties and has offered hers up for this event. so far i know we want to turn it into a competition between our families as to who comes up with the best pizza. any other ideas? please share!


Jennifer said...

What a cool idea! I hope your party turns out wonderfully!