Friday, July 30, 2010

5th wedding anniversary (strictly for journaling purposes)

last weekend was our 5th wedding anniversary! holy smokes has it flown by! here's a quick recap...

when we started dating...
30 days of dating, then we got engaged here... (at a cemetary)
83 days later... our wedding day <3 at the  San Diego Temple

i don't have a picture of our first anniversary! but we went to utah to see family (for me, it was the first time meeting most of them)

2nd anniversary... we went to Sea World and had dinner with Shamu, literally. it was AWESOME!!!

our 3rd anniversary... i remember taking a picture, but i was icky looking thanks to morning sickness so i deleted them all. but we went to the elephant bar for dinner. i've had better food.

4th anniversary... you can read about it here...

and finally our 5th year... the traditional gift is wood. so we ate with chopsticks! we got together with the moore's and handy's (our newfound peeps, woot woot) and all pitched in and made jarens moms FABULOUS sweet and sour pork w/ shrimp wontons as well as cream cheese wontons. thanks wendy for letting us stink up your house! and thanks willow for the dessert!!
this pic was taken a month before our anniversary, but i swear, we still look the same!
to my wonderful husband... thanks for changing my life for the better :) you should i know i love you because i don't get grossed out when the toilet seat is still warm. LOL.


Jenn said...

Wow, it seems like it was just the other day (well, to me, LOL!) Hope you guys had a lot of fun!