Friday, July 30, 2010


i had a baby shower to go to earlier this week. i wanted to include some handmade items along with the gift card i pitched in for with some friends. man how i love free patterns online! thank you to all those creative ladies who share their thoughts!

first, i whipped up this crochet shell cap. the bow (also a free pattern), isn't attached to the hat. but on an alligator clip that can be removed and attached to a headband as well. she also got 10 other flowers/crocheted bows on clips with 8 crocheted headbands in any color you can think of!

i also made a dress for the new baby out of leftover fabric i've had since christmas :)
and a tag blanket that's minkee on one side, and silk on the other. again, out of leftover supplies :)
we're going camping in a few weeks and my mom wanted some sort of hat (not a beanie) to wear. so i found this pattern for the belliveau cove hat. oh, and it's not weird i bought a styrofoam head to help me crochet is it? ROFL!


Christy said...

It's all so cute! I especially love the hats. Whish I could crochet. :)