Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morro Bay Camping 2010

we went camping this year in morro bay (as usual). it's always nice to start the trip out with nathan falling asleep for most the drive. along the way, we stopped at a campground near atascadero to check it out and found a dead rattlesnake on the road.

nathan loved camping. he was everywhere and wouldn't stop moving. so i did cave in and have to put him in my parents car with a dvd a few times so i could relax.

tradition of course is to visit the aquarium and feed the sea lions. my mom said inflation has really taken its toll on the place. seal food use to be 5 cents and is now 50 cents!
after the aquarium, we headed north past hearst castle to check out the elephant seal sanctuary. it was pretty cool!
then we headed back to morro bay for lunch. you can always spot a few sea lions playing around the docks.
then we headed south towards montana de oro to check out the tide pools. we forgot nathans water shoes. so we only let him play on the smooth slimy rocks. the water was FREEZING! he didn't seem to mind.
and as always, the views are awesome!


Tam said...

what a great trip - it sounds like you did it all right.

yours is the second blog i have read today with a dead rattle snake in it. maybe heading to california will have to wait until winter when all the snakes are sleeping