Sunday, September 12, 2010

recent crafts

picture frame for friends who recently blessed their 4th daughter at church :)

my new kitchen curtains
while camping a few weeks ago, my mom and i discovered the BEST cookie made by the brown butter cookie company in cayucos. when i came home, i just HAD to find the recipe and try my hand at it. no such luck on the exact recipe, so i compiled every recipe i found and used every review suggestion on how to better it and voila! i made them and they rock! the only thing they're missing that the originals had is sea salt.
i found this fleece baby blanket at the 99cent store. i love that place! but the blanket was BLAH! so i crocheted a simple stitch around the edge and appliqued words onto it. (original idea found here) and i love how it turned out!

we made tamales again for a "break the fast" we were having with a group of friends. it's getting to be that time of year soon!
(picture out of order) we recently went down to the LA temple with our ward. have you seen the new re-modeled visitor center? it's AWESOME!
for the break the fast, we also took a dessert. let me introduce you to my new favorite cupcake flavor, CINNABON! here's the recipe for the batter and frosting :) i also tried a new technique when i frosted them. watcha think?
here's what happened to a few cupcakes when i wasn't looking. he had a sand shovel and was scooping them closer to the edge so he could grab them! then he would take off with it!
to me, this is a good craft gone bad. i saw the idea here. and for me, it was much harder than it originally appeared. and i hate how mine turned out :( so good luck to anyone who's going to give this a try!


Jennifer said...

How did you frost that cupcake? Those look soooo good!

Kathryn said...

i used my 1m wilton tip in a clear disposal piping bag. then i used gel food coloring and squirted some inside the bag in a straight line from the tip towards the opening of the bag. i recommend using 3 lines of coloring, depending on how you dramatic you want your tips.then carefully put your frosting in the bag and start piping. to make the swirl, i started with a glob of frosting in the middle, then worked my way to the outside.