Wednesday, February 1, 2012

california birthday

with us moving one week before nathan's birthday, we had an early "party" for him with my family. my mom got him color wonders, which i love! (he does too)

my sister got him some shirts.
and we had in-n-out for dinner. which is the ONLY hamburger he will eat! we've tried others, but nope, only in-n-out for him.
i know it was silly to buy a huge costco cake for 5 people, but hey, they're cake is delicious, affordable, and they had a dinosaur design. lol. when we went to order it, he saw one in the case and had a meltdown as we left costco without it!

obviously we had a ton of leftover cake, so anytime we had another piece, nathan wanted to put a candle in it and have us sing to him again. it was funny. (and thanks mom, dad and cynthia for playing along, lol)
the next morning, my sister andrea dropped off her gifts to nathan. (that monster wrapping paper was so cute!)
it was playdough and some fun accessories. he must love playdough because he comes home from church with it stuck to his shoes every week!


Rachel Keyser said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! Kelsie loves color wonder too. :)